1998 – 2002 VP44 24v Performance Cummins Reman Head


SKU: DJPCH100064


Our 24v Performance Cummins Reman Head has all the necessary upgrades to make your head durable and reliable. We have fixed all the common issues these heads have. One of the most common problems these heads have had from the factory, and most aftermarket companies is the valve seats loosen and fall out. This can cause thousands in damage to your engine not to mention down time. This is a great option for upgrading your stock truck or your performance truck. Some preventative maintenance by replacing your head before a seat falls out can save you thousands. Our valve seats are taller and larger diameter than stock and also made from a alloy that takes the heat better. With a larger seat it also dissipates heat into the casting better helping prevent cracking. We only use Genuine Cummins valves in our heads. Cummins valves have proven to be extremely durable.

  • You’re given the option to use your own head or one of our head cores this will save you the upfront core charge.
  • Head is disassembled and all soft plugs are removed
  • Head is cleaned and blasted
  • Head is crack checked
  • All-new bronze guides and HD Extra large seats on the intake and exhaust side are installed
  • High performance CNC valve job is performed
  • Head is resurfaced
  • Head is cleaned
  • Head is painted
  • Assembled with all new valve seals and soft plugs

*Cores must be good with no cracks must be a rebuildable core. D&J Precision will inspect your core on arrival and determine if it is a good core.

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 10 in