2003-2007 5.9 CR Stage 1 Cummins Performance Head


SKU: DJPCH100026


Our CR Stage 1 Cummins Performance Head is a step up in performance without the extra expense and work involved with an aftermarket intake. Our Stage 1 Cummins Performance Head includes everything in our Performance Cummins Reman Head along with 105 pound valve springs, 5 axis port job while retaining the factory intake plenum. This increases the flow on the intake from around 155 CFM stock to 220 CFM. This increases low end performance, decreases boost pressure and lowers EGT’s, increasing the amount of fuel you can burn and make more power.

  • You’re given the option to use your own head or one of our head cores
  • Head is disassembled and all soft plugs are removed
  • Cleaned and blasted
  • Crack check performed
  • All new bronze guides are installed
  • Heavy Duty extra large seats placed in intake and exhaust side
  • 5 axis CNC port with stock intake shelf in place
  • High performance valve job performed
  • Resurfaced
  • Cleaned
  • Painted
  • Assembled with all new valve seals, soft plugs and HD springs
  • Valves and Coolant Passages are pressure checked
  • 23% flow increase

*Cores must be good with no cracks must be a rebuildable core. D&J Precision will inspect your core on arrival and determine if it is a good core.

Additional information

Weight 200 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 10 in