Cummins Performance Reman

Performance Cummins Head

Our Cummins Reman Head has all the necessary upgrades to make your head durable and reliable.

  • You’re given the option to use your own head or one of our head cores
  • Head is disassembled and all soft plugs are removed
  • Head is cleaned and blasted
  • Head is crack checked (If it checks out okay, we proceed with this head)
  • All-new bronze guides and HD Extra large seats on the exhaust side are installed
  • High performance CNC valve job is performed
  • Head is resurfaced
  • Head is cleaned
  • Head is painted
  • Assembled with all new valve seals and soft plugs

*Cores must be good with no cracks must be a rebuildable core. D&J Precision will inspect your core on arrival and determine if it is a good core.