Cummins Heads

Our ported Cummins heads are a step up in the diesel performance industry. With years of experience we designed our ported Cummins heads for the performance enthusiasts with reliability in mind.

Our ported Cummins heads start by being completely disassembled. The head casting is then cleaned in our high temperature rotary cleaner and goes through crack checked / full inspection. If the head passes inspection all sealing soft plugs are punched out before being bead blasted and resurfaced (as needed.) Then all the bolt holes are bottom tapped by hand.

D&J Stage 2 and Stage 3 replacement style billet intake manifolds are designed to keep the factory fuel rail, lines, map sensor, fuel filter housing, air horn and throttle position sensor all close to the stock location. This allows most twin CP3 kits to work with little to no modification to the kit. Please note the front 3 bolts on the intake runner are 0.300” higher than stock cast cylinder head.

We developed our replacement style billet intake manifolds after we found some of the intakes with side entrances force air into the cylinders across from the inlet pipe. We noted cylinders 2-4 (depending on what side draft) that are directly across from the inlet run 300-400 degrees hotter. This in some cases has melting pistons. Since our intake utilizes the factory air intake mounting this allows the air to disperse equally throughout the entire intake manifold. Our replacement style billet intake manifold also saves the customer time and money by utilizing their current intake horn.

Using our specialized CNC 5-axis Centroid porting machine has not only let increase consistency but also cut our production time down tremendously. Our porting is proven to increase the flow of the 24v cummins cylinder head while keeping enough material in the areas needed to avoid melting through. Standard cylinder heads have a 2 week turnaround time. Please call to confirm before ordering. Rushed options are available on a per-job basis.

*Cracked cylinder heads are NOT acceptable cores. If you have a damaged cylinder head please call the shop or email with pictures to see if it is an acceptable core. Core cylinder heads should include cylinder head, valves, springs, retainers, keepers, plugs. Please do not send cores in with temperature sensors and complain when you don’t get them back.
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