Billet Stage 2 Intake Manifolds



The Billet Stage 2 Intake Manifold is designed for our stage 2 cylinder heads.


The Billet Stage 2 Intake Manifold is designed for our Stage 2 cylinder heads. They are sold with either 5.9 intake and fuel or 6.7 intake and fuel setups. These intakes utilize the stock intake horn locations and fuel setups. It comes with all the mounting hardware needed to install it. We do not make a side entrance intake because we have seen very poor air distribution with these intakes. With the inlet port blowing directly at the ports in the head it tends to over load the cylinders across from the inlet with air. We have seen these cylinders up to 400 degrees different in exhaust gas temperatures sometimes causing piston issues, and also each cylinder producing different power levels causing imbalance issues.

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Weight 13.2 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 11 × 7 in


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