Craftsmanship on Display at PRI 2023

The D&J team attended PRI earlier this month in Indianapolis, IN. We were proud to show off the 1956 Diesel F600 build in partnership with Classic Car Studio, which features the D&J Street Performance 6.7 Cummins.
Photo Credit: Brandon Holt

The Performance Racing Industry Trade Show (PRI), held earlier this month in Indianapolis, IN, was the focal point for automotive enthusiasts as we showcased the 1956 Diesel F600 Build by Classic Car Studio. This event marked a significant moment for both companies to highlight the exceptional capabilities of the D&J Street Performance 6.7 Cummins and to promote the unparalleled craftsmanship involved in this unique build.

The team at Classic Car Studio crafted a custom frame and revamped every aspect of the vehicle. Key features include a tailor-made air suspension system with AirLift bags and Accuair air management, alongside a bespoke interior by CCS. This one-of-a-kind showpiece also boasts an Exergy 12mm CP3 with 100% over injectors, Firepunk Diesel 48RE transmission, a custom GM 14 bolt differential, a Sparc Industries steering wheel, Dakota Digital Gauges, and American Autowire, combining both aesthetic appeal and exceptional driving performance.

The collaboration between D&J Precision Machine and Classic Car Studio has set a new benchmark in the industry, blending traditional aesthetics with modern performance. The 1956 Diesel F600, fondly known as the “Kingpin,” stands as a testament to this synergy, offering a glimpse into the future of diesel-powered hot rods. 

“We have been thrilled with the response of the truck in the booth. The guys at Classic Car Studio did an incredible job with the build, and it’s great to see that the attendees of the show appreciate the quality of craftsmanship on display. It’s important to us that people see the diesel platform as not only a capable choice but an exceptional one for this type of build. We’ve been able to work with these builders to provide a reliable and powerful engine that has made this truck an absolute riot to drive. With the continuous growth of the diesel industry, builds like this can lead the way for future innovations.”

– Drew Pumphrey, the owner of D&J Precision Machine

Additional details on this build are available across Classic Car Studio’s social media platforms, including a comprehensive build series on their YouTube channel. Viewers can witness the transformation of the truck from a vintage workhorse to a sleek hot rod in just a few minutes.