Cummins Reman Head

2003+ CR Performance Cummins Reman Head


Product Description

Our Cummins Reman Head has all the necessary upgrades to make your head durable and reliable

  • Option to use your own head or one of our head cores
  • Disassemble and remove all the soft plugs
  • Clean and blast head
  • Crack check the head (If it checks out ok we proceed with this head)
  • Install all new bronze guides and heavy duty extra large seats on the exhaust side
  • High performance CNC valve job
  • Resurface
  • Clean head
  • Paint
  • Assemble with all new valve seals and soft plugs

*Cores must be good with no cracks must be a rebuildable core. D&J Precision will inspect your core on arrival and determine if it is a good core.

Additional Information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 18 x 10 in