ENFORCER Deck Plate Long Block



Core Charge *

Core charge payment will be refunded upon arrival of your old core if it is deemed reusable with no cracks and generally good condition.


D&J Precision Machine ENFORCER Deck Plate Long Block.

Our ENFORCER 6.7 Deck Plate Cummins comes fully assembled from oil pan to D&J Billet LED Valve Cover.

All D&J Precision Machine Performance Long Blocks are blueprinted, balanced, oil clearance measured, rings file fit. Performance Cummins long blocks can be painted any color and are shipped pre-lubed with break in oil and filter included.

Available for all year and model Cummins applications. Base price is for 24v Common Rail 07 – 12

Shipping of engines vary for each purchase. Cores can be sent in beforehand to eliminate the core charge of *$3000.00*


ENFORCER Deck Plate Build:

  • Deck Plate 6.7 Cummins Block
  • D&J Deck Plate Head Gasket Set
  • Fire Ring Cut Into Cylinder Head And Block
  • D&J Billet “ENFORCER” LED Valve Cover
  • D&J X-BEAM 1″ Longer Rods
  • D&J FSR Billet Pistons With Total Seal Piston Rings
  • D&J Tool Steel Wrist Pins
  • D&J HD Deck Plate 7/16″ Pushrods
  • D&J Billet Cummins Freeze Plug Kit
  • D&J Billet Front Cover
  • Billet Flat Tappet Cam
  • Billet lifters
  • ARP 9/16″ Head Studs Torqued To 175 ft/Lbs
  • ARP 9/16″ Main Studs
  • D&J HD Girdle
  • New OEM Oil Cooler
  • New OEM Gasket Set
  • New OEM Oil Cooler Housing
  • New OEM Oil Pump
  • HD Rod Bearings
  • HD Main Bearings
  • Fully Iron Sleeved Block With Fire Rings
  • Block CNC Machined
  • Block Line Honed

300 CFM Stage 3 Performance Cylinder Head Includes

  • Disassembled and all soft plugs are removed
  • Cleaned and blasted
  • Crack check performed (If it checks out okay we proceed with this head)
  • All-new bronze guides installed
  • Heavy Duty Extra Large Exhaust Seats
  • Heavy Duty Extra Large Intake Seats
  • 5 Axis CNC Port Job
  • Stage 3 6.7 Billet Replacement Style Intake
  • 1.500″ Super Alloy Intake Valves
  • 1.450″ Super Alloy Exhaust Valves
  • Soft Plugs Threaded In Under The Valve Cover
  • High Performance CNC Valve Job performed
  • Resurfaced
  • Assembled with all-new valve seals and thread in soft plugs
  • 115# Springs
  • Titanium Retainers

Optional Upgrades

  • Counter-weighted Cummins Crank
  • Filled Block and/or Cylinder Head
  • Billet Main Caps ($850.00)
  • D&J Waterman Direct Drive Lift Pump ($1100.00)
  • Billet Roller Cam And lifters ($3000.00)
  • Stage 4 Billet Runner Intake Upgrade (Call For Price)
  • Dry-sump Oil System (Call For Price)
  • Shaft Mount Roller Rockers (Call For Price)
  • Billet Cummins Crank (Call For Price)

* Cores must include usable block, crank, cylinder head, rockers, oil pan and bolts, pickup tube, timing gear housing, timing gear housing cover and bolts, rear seal housing and bolts, piston cooling nozzles and bolts, lower rocker box and bolts. Injector wiring harness and bell housings are preferred so the engine stays sealed in shipping. If there are issues with any core part you will NOT be charged the full core amount, just the amount to replace the bad part. Our core charge is based on re-manufactured parts.

Additional information

Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 48 in