Cummins Stage 2 High Performance

Our Cummins Stage 2 Performance Head is designed for the performance enthusiast.  Includes everything in our Stage 1 Cummins Performance Head and a D&J Stage 2 Billet Intake Manifold, thread in soft plugs in the head, titanium valve spring retainers, and heavy duty extra large intake seats.

We have seen the stock intake seats fall out of the 1000 plus hp trucks, our heavy duty extra large intake seats fix this problem.  Also, occasionally we’ve seen the soft plugs under the valve cover come out filling the crankcase with coolant.  We correct this issue with thread in soft plug.

Our Billet replacement style intake manifold is designed to keep the factory rail, lines, map sensor, fuel filter housing, air horn and throttle position sensor.  We have found that some of the intakes with side entrances force air into the cylinders across from the inlet pipe.  We have seen the cylinders across from the inlet run 300-400 degrees hotter. In some cases even melting pistons. Since our intake utilizes the factory air intake mounting this allows the air to disperse more equally throughout the entire intake manifold.  This also saves the customer time and money by utilizing their current intake horn.

Our Stage 2 Cummins Performance Head gets the intake flow up to 250 CFM and is the biggest head we have available for a 5.9 bore engine. (stock is 165 CFM)