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Kyle Dillman – Watertown, SD


2004.5 Ram 2500

The Story

Grandpa bought this pickup brand new in 2004 and it was used on the farm until 2011 when he passed. I purchased it with the injectors out and fixed it at age 16. In 2014, it broke a ring and scored cylinder. I rebuilt the engine in my uncle’s garage at 18 years old. In 2015, the transmission wiped 2nd gear band and I put in a comp1 from Firepunk. This pickup is what got me into the diesel industry. It’s been an ongoing build since 2012 and still continues today. I’ve personally done all the work including mechanical, interior, exterior, and under the hood.

Under the Hood

S&S 100% injectors, S&S 12mm CP3, S&S 2400 bar RPS, Forced Inductions 472/87/.90, Steed Speed angled t4, WC Fab High mount 2nd Gen Swap, Fleece exhaust manifold studs, ARP 2000s, Fireringed head, D&J 105# valve springs, D&J 7/16″ pushrods, D&J valve cover, Fluidampr balancer w/ full power kit, Banks 3.5″ IC pipes & intake elbow, Fleece fuel filter delete, FASS 150, Firepunk comp1 48re, DPC triple disc converter, HP Tuners (Ryan Milliken @ Hardway Performance), WC Fab traction bars, Misc powdercoat/braided stainless lines.
-Interior is 4th gen swapped with new red stitched leather. I hand stitched the center console and steering wheel myself. All the buttons and plug-ins are functional.

D&J Products

Valve cover, pushrods, valve springs.