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Steven Re – Shepherd, MT


2003 Ram 3500

The Story

My grandpa originally bought the truck brand new and I got it from him about 13 years ago. It’s underwent several changes and power levels. Originally was an auto truck, then I swapped in a g56, now it’s a Fmvb 48. It saw a lot of sled pulling originally, but now it kind of does it all. I plan on getting a 6.7 in it eventually and really start
leaning on it. But overall it’s a family treasure at this point and a good way to advertise for my business LS Industries. 

Under the Hood

Coated and cut .020 pistons, 188/220 cam, Street Fighter rods, head and main ARP studs, 115lb springs, Billet bridges, Steed speed manifold, 476sxe, 250% injectors, 5.9 stock/10mm 6.7 cp3 setup. 

D&J Products

115lb valve springs, grid heater delete spacer, 5.9 billet valve cover, CP3 access front cover, billet freeze plug.